Welcome to BasicTokyo.com

This site is run Shogo and Rina, an average (below average income) married couple living in Tokyo, Japan. We built this site to show the world what its like living a normal life in Tokyo. However, there are so many things about Japan that is special and we don’t want to just explain them all each in just a single blog post. Instead, we want to deep dive into each topic and write at least 100 articles on it.

The first topic we choose to write about is, bento. Bento, sometimes referred as “obento” is a Japanese way of saying “lunchbox meal”. In Japan, most middle school and high schools require students to bring their own lunch, so it is very common for a Japanese mother to have skills to cook at least for bentos. There are also many college students and working adults who bring their own lunch that are either made by themselves or by his or her partner. Having a bento life will save you a lot of money, especially in places like Tokyo where eating out for lunch isn’t cheap, and its also good in way that you have better control over how healthy you can keep your diet.

We are not the best cooks, we only have average skills (maybe less), our kitchen isn’t huge or fancy, but we’d like to show you quick and easy bento recipes that can be made by everyone. We also hope to improve our cooking skills as we make our videos for our recipes. We’re gonna show you 100 easy recipes for bentos that can be made even if you’re pretty lazy, or pretty busy just like us, and we very creatively named our first project “100 quick & easy bento recipes”

When people think about Japanese bentos, some might think of the extremely well crafted character bentos, but not everyone in japan makes those types of bentos. Busy people like us, would often pack leftovers from one night’s dinner as the next day’s bento. If you are looking for character bento recipes, this project isn’t for you. But if you wish to start somewhere easy so you can make bento a habit, I hope you’ll check out our stuff.

Random facts about Shogo and Rina


born: April 2, 1986
favorite type of music: death metal
full-time job: graphic and web designer
favorite food: pepperoni pizza
hobby: guitar, skateboarding
life: lived in Newmarket Ontario Canada from age 7 to 14, and in Columbus Ohio US from 15 to 17. Also studied abroad for a year in Chico, California at age 21.


born: November 11, 1986
loves to: watch movies, take a walk, go in the nature, hang out with animals
full-time job: housewife (used to be an apparel designer and sales staff)
favorite food: vegetable
hobby: drawing
sleep: 12 hours a day
life: lived in Tokyo all of her life, and cannot speak English at all.