Asparagus Pork Rolls

Ingredients (1 serving)

Asparagus 2
Pork belly 2 slices
Cooking sake 1TBSP

– the sauce –
soy sauce 1.5TBSP
mirin 2tsp
sugar 2tsp
oil 1tsp

– scrambled eggs (1 serving) –
egg 1
ketchup (optional)

– packing –
cooked rice
mini tomatoes
sunny lettuce
salmon flakes


1. Rinse and drain the vegetables.

2. Break the egg into a cup and add some salt and pepper, then beat it.
(We’re using two eggs in the video but it was too much. you would only need one for a bento.)

3. Cut off the bottom of the asparagus, and use a peeler to peel the hard area around the bottom. Cut them in to fourths to make 8 pieces total. Put them in a microwavable dish and cover it with saran wrap. poke a few holes in the saran wrap with a toothpick. Microwave it for 1minute and 30 seconds.

4. Slice the pork belly if it already isn’t, and cut them in to half. (We are cutting three slices in the video but you actually only need two slices. I apologize for making so many mistakes and still making a video with it.)

5. Place two pieces of asparagus on each piece of pork and roll up from the narrow side of the pork.

6. In a cup, mix soy sauce, mirin, and sugar to make the sauce.

7. Put a pan on medium heat and spread a drizzle of oil. Pour in the egg and stir to make scrambled eggs. When its done, move it to a dish and put it aside.

8. Heat a pan on medium heat with a drizzle of oil, and place the pork rolls with the end of the roll at the bottom. When the pork is browned, turn them over, and add in the cooking sake. Turn the heat to low, and braise for 1 minute.

9. Add in the sauce and stir around, then move them to a dish

Packing Tips

1. Pack cooked rice in your bento box.

2. Lay sunny lettuce on the side.

3. Place the asparagus pork rolls on top of it, and pack the scrambled eggs beside it.

4. Fill the gaps with mini tomatoes and some more sunny lettuce.

5. Sprinkle salmon flakes on top of the rice.

6. Put some ketchup on the eggs as an option.