After we did our first episode we thought that the recipe actually wasn’t really as“quick and easy”as much as we like them to be. So This on this episode, we’re going to make it REALLY quick and easy. The bento we’ll be making today is “taco style soboro rice”. This tastes similar to mexican tacos, but this is one of the local special dishes of Okinawa, Japan.

Taco Style Soboro Rice

Ingredients (2 servings)

ground pork 160g

– pork flavoring –
green onion half a stick
soy sauce 2tsp
miso 2tsp
sugar 2tsp

– toppings –
lettuce 4 sheets
green onion 1
mini tomatoes 8
sliced cheese 2

– sauce –
ketchup 4TBSP
vinegar 2tsp
olive oil 2tsp
hot chili pepper sauce little bit


1. In a small cup, mix finely sliced green onion, sugar, miso, and soy sauce to make the flavoring for the pork.

2. In a microwavable bowl, mix ground pork with the flavoring.

3. Microwave the mixed pork for 3 minutes. We forgot to do this, but you should spread the meat flat so it gets heated evenly. If you see red spots in the pork, microwave some more until its fully brown.

4. Use an eggbeater to make the pork flaky

5. Chop up the lettuce finely. Cut the tops of the green peppers and scrape out the ribs and seeds, then cut them into thin slices. Remove the hull from the mini tomatoes and cut them into halves.

6. Next, we’ll make the sauce. Mix ketchup, vinegar, olive oil, and tabasco in a cup.

7. Pack rice in the bento box and let it cool down. Cover the rice with lettuce, teared cheese, pork, green peppers, and mini tomatoes. Put the sauce that you just made on it and its done.

Its imporant for a bento to look colorful, so we will adjust the cheese and lettuce to be on top as well.