Ginger fried pork

Ingredients (2-3 servings)

pork loin 300g
ginger paste in a tube 4cm (or grated ginger)
sugar 1tsp
cooking sake 1TBSP
soy sauce 2TBSP
mirin (sweet cooking rice wine) 2TBSP
sesame oil 1TBSP


1. In a cup, mix ginger paste, sugar, cooking sake, soy sauce, and mirin.

2. Cut the pork into easy-to-eat sizes.

3. Put a skillet on medium heat and spread some sesame oil. Lightly cook the pork.

*We found out afterwards that if you place your pork on the skillet before your heat it, it will help keep the pork from getting hard.

4. Pour in the sauce you prepared in step1, and stir until there is almost no liquid left on the pan, and its done.

Meatball and root vegetable soup

Ingredients (4 servings)

ground pork 200g
radish 200g
carrot 60g
onion 1/4
broccoli about 6 pieces
salt 1tsp
miso 2TBSP

sugar 2tsp
sesame oil 2tsp
soy sauce 2tsp

water 2&1/3 cup

potato starch

Depending on the container, this recipe might make too much soup.
In the video, we made too much soup for the Mr.Bento soup container we used. Half of what is shown would be perfect for two servings.


1. Mix the ground pork with about 1tsp of salt. Break it into small sizes and roll them up into balls. Cover them with potato starch.

2. Peel the carrot and radish. Cut the carrot into 5mm half circle slices, radish into 5mm quarter slices, and onions into thin slices.

3. In a pot, simmer water, sugar, sesame oil and miso.

4. Cover the meatballs with potato starch.

5. Add the vegetables to the pot and simmer for 3 minutes.

6. Add the meatballs to the pot and simmer in medium heat. After one minute, add in the frozen broccoli to the pot and simmer for three more minutes. If you are using fresh broccoli, put them in at the same time as the meatballs.

Packing tips and the extras


cooked rice
mini tomato
frozen precooked spinach side dish for bento boxes
white sesame
stewed seaweed (gohandesuyo)
japanese pickles (kyuri no kyuchan)


We recommend boiling the egg while cooking the pork, like we did in the video. Boil water in a pot with some salt, and gently put an egg in it, and boil it to get it to your preferred hardness. We cooked for 12mins to have it completely done.When the boiled eggs are done, cool it down in a bowl of cold water.
When the egg is cooled down, peel off the shells, and cut the egg in half.

Microwave the frozen precooked bento side dish by following the instructions. We used this spinach butter saute.

Rinse the lettuce and mini tomatoes, and tear the lettuce into sizes that will fit in your bento box.Lay the lettuce on the bottom of the bento box, and place the precooked bento side dish on the side. Then pack the pork on top of the lettuce. Pack the egg and mini tomatoes in the gaps.

Pour the soup in the soup container. We used Zojiirushi insulated bento box so the soup keeps warm until lunchtime.

Pack rice in the rice bowl, and sprinkle a pinch of white sesame. you can also sprinkle some on the pork as well to enhance the looks and to make it slightly healthier.

Put some kyurinokyuchan, and gohandesuyo on the rice as an option.

This recipe for ginger fried pork is a simplified version of the traditional recipe. It tastes as good as the traditional when you eat it while its hot, but the pork tends to harden as time ticks. If you want to keep your pork soft, you might want to try pickle the pork with the sauce and then sprinkling potato starch on it before cooking it on the skillet.

The soup requires a little bit of time to make, so I recommend you make this on the night before, and just packing it in the morning. Just don’t forget to keep the pot in the fridge in the summer time because it may go bad.