Yakiniku & Namul Bento Recipe (Ep.15 / 100 Quick&Easy Obento Recipes)

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  • May 4, 2017

Today’s recipe is Yakiniku and Namul bento. Yakiniku is Japanese barbecue. If you go out to eat yakiniku in Japan, it can get pretty pricy depending on the restaurant. Especially if you choose to eat some of Japan’s worldly famous beef brands like Kobe Beef and Matsuzaka Beef. But you can always cook your meat at home as a reasonable alternative. Namul is a popular korean side dish made with vegetables seasoned with sesame oil, and its a perfect match with yakiniku.

Yakiniku & Namul Bento Recipe

Ingredients (2 servings)

Boneless Short Rib : 200g (0.45lb)
Soy Sauce : 3TBSPSugar : 1TBSP
Sake : 1TBSP
Mirin : 1TBSP
Grated Garlic : 1tsp
Sesame Oil : 1tsp
Gochujang : 1tsp
Bean Sprouts : 80g (0.18lb)
Spinach : 1/3
Carrot : 1/3
Sesame Oil  : 1TBSP
Toasted Sesame Seeds : 2tsp
Soy Sauce : 1tsp
Chicken Stock Powder: 1-2
pinch Salt : 1-2pinch
Cooked Rice
Mini Tomato : 4
Hard Boiled Egg : 1


1. In a cup, mix together 1TBSP sesame oil, 2tsp white sesame, 1tsp soy sauce, a big pinch of chicken stock powder, and one big pinch of salt
2. Peel and rince the carrot and cut in to match sticks, rinse and cut spinach in 1inch sizes, and also rinse the bean sprouts
3. Boil water with a teaspoon of salt, and insert the carrots, bean sprouts, and spinach in that order. Boil for 1.5minutes.
4. Drain the water, move the vegetables into a bowl and mix in the namul sauce that we made in step 1. Cool it in the freezer to let the flavor soak in.
1. In a cup, mix together 3TBSP of soy sauce, 1TBSP of sugar, 1TBSP of sake, 1TBSP of mirin, 1tsp of grated garlic, 1tsp of sesame oil, 1tsp of gochujang.
2. Heat a pan on medium heat with a little bit of oil, and cook the beef thoroughly. Make sure there are no red spots because you don’t want any undercooked meat in a bento.
3. Turn off the heat, and use a paper towel to remove the excess juice. Then, put in the yakiniku sauce we made in Step1. you don’t have to use all of it, If you have a small sauce container like the photo shown in the video, I recommend putting some of the sauce in it and taking it with bento, as some extra sauce that you can use when its time to eat.

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